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Czech Republic & Space Research

The Czech Republic has a long history of involvement in the space industry and has made significant contributions to the field of space exploration....

Best Winter Activities in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city to visit during the winter months! The city is known for its picturesque streets, which are even more charming...

Black Cats in Prague

There is a popular legend in Prague that says that black cats bring good luck to those who own them. The legend is believed...

How to travel easly from Prague to Český Krumlov (CK)

There are several ways to travel from Prague to Český Krumlov, a city in South Bohemia known for its beautiful medieval center and castle....

Nazım Hikmet and Prague

Nazım Hikmet was a Turkish poet and playwright who was active in the early 20th century. He is considered one of the greatest poets...

Don’t Miss These Books About Prague

Prague is a city with a rich cultural history and has inspired many writers and artists over the centuries. Here are a few books...

Important People Lived in Prague

Prague has been home to a number of important figures in the fields of literature, philosophy, and science who have made significant contributions to...

Why Czech Republic has so many castles around

One reason that the Czech Republic has so many castles is due to its strategic location in central Europe. The country has a rich...

Which is worth visiting more Prague or Bratislava?

Both Prague and Bratislava are worth visiting and have their own unique charm. It ultimately depends on your personal interests and the specific things...

Prague Castle – the most beautiful and largest castle complex

Prague Castle, which is the traditional seat of Czech monarchs and since 1918 also the seat of the President of the Republic, is the...


Çek Cumhuriyeti Erasmus Başvuru Formu – Türkçe Örneği

Çek Cumhuriyeti Erasmus vizesi için başvuru formu ve fotoğraf örneğine aşağıdan ulaşabilirsiniz.Fotoğraflar baskısının kaliteli olduğundan emin olun. Erasmus Başvuru Formu Örneği - TR Fotoğrafı...

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