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Kampa Island Prague

This park – an island between the Vltava River and its side branch, Čertovka, where you can see the huge mill wheel of the...

Best Places in Prague!

“ BEST USE OF A FORMER PUBLIC TOILET: 02 Bar in Nové Město.  BEST PLACE TO KISS: Below the ear. Just kidding – under...

Prague Vacation Photographers & Photo Places

Prague is one of the best travel destination in Europe. If you are travelling that our beautiful city we are suggesting you to get...

Prague to Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad (About this soundlisten); German: Karlsbad) is a spa town situated in western Bohemia, Czech Republic, on the confluence of the rivers...

Flight to Prague from Australia and New Zealand

Flight times from Australia and New Zealand to Prague are twenty hours or more, depending on routes and transfer times. There’s a wide variety...

Prague Airport to City Centre

By air Prague’s Ruzyně airport (T220 113 314,W is connected to the city by minibus, bus and taxi. The Cedaz ( shared minibus service...

Hire Photographer in Prague

Are you Looking for A Photographer in Prague? For personal photography or engagement photographer? Here are the best options for you. We compare to...

Flight to Prague from the US

Czech Airlines (ČSA) is the only airline to offer non-stop flights from North America to Prague. You’ll get a much wider choice of flights...

Prague Night Life! Where To go for Party?

Be careful guys; I just came back from Prague and it was a lovely city and I really liked it. The only bad experience we...

The cheapest way to get into Prague Airport to the town

The cheapest way to get into town is onlocal bus #119 (daily 5am–midnight; every 15–20min; journey time 25min), which stops frequently and also ends...


Historical House Signs in Prague

So many houses in Prague Old Town and Malostranska area still keeping the ancient house signs, which you might see carved into the gables, on hanging...

Prague Jazz Boat

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