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Prague Wedding Photographers

Why Hire a Professional Prague Photographer? Hiring a professional photographer is a must if you want to capture the special moments of your life in...

Why Czech Republic has so many castles around

One reason that the Czech Republic has so many castles is due to its strategic location in central Europe. The country has a rich...

Queen Anne’s Summer Palace in Prague

Exploring the History and Beauty of Queen Anne's Summer Palace in Prague Discover the stunning Queen Anne's Summer Palace in Prague, its rich history, and...

David Černý’s artwork in Prague

David Černý is author of Prague’s many interesting sculptures. Here you can find his interesting and famous artworks and stories behind them Quo Vadis Quo Vadis...

Nazım Hikmet and Prague

Nazım Hikmet was a Turkish poet and playwright who was active in the early 20th century. He is considered one of the greatest poets...

Prague Vacation Photographers & Photo Places

Prague is one of the best travel destination in Europe. If you are travelling that our beautiful city we are suggesting you to get...

Kutna Hora Travel Guide – Bone Church

Kutná Hora, the city of silver, rightly earned the second nickname “treasury of the country”. The wealth acquired through silver mining in Kutna Hora helped to...

7 things to do in Prague at Valentine’s Day?

Prague is one of the most romantic city in the world. You can find here 7 best thing to do in Prague at Valentine's...

Discover the Best Prague Event Venues for Your Next Gathering

Planning a special event in Prague? Explore the top event venues in the city and make your occasion unforgettable. Introduction Prague, the capital city of the...

Prague and The Brezhnev Doctrine

The Brezhnev Doctrine was a foreign policy principle adopted by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. It was named after Leonid Brezhnev,...


Slaný Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery is located about 750 m northeast of the main square in Slánská, on the slope between Lázeňská and Na Vinici streets....

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