The imperial palace-type castle is one of the most important Romanesque monuments of the Czech Republic, the best-preserved parts include the castle chapel of St. Erhard and Uršula and the Black Tower, part of the Romanesque fortifications.
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Brick walls with casemates have been preserved in Cheb from the Baroque rebuilding of the citadel . Almost 50 m away from the palace and chapel stands a massive Romanesque bergfryde , a symbol of solid imperial power. It is traditionally considered the oldest standing building in Cheb. JW Goethe himself even considered it to be the work of the ancient Romans , because the bossed ashlar masonry reminded him of the so-called Pagan Tower in Regensburg (Heidenturm).

This mistake was disproved only when in 1933 the circular foundation of the older stone tower of the early medieval Pre-Staufa Castle was discovered under the tower’s foot. The name was given to the tower by black volcanic tuff , which was brought to the construction site from the nearby Komorní hůrka. This very hard stone is precisely worked into blocks, the outer walls of which are formed by bulging tubers.

Exposure in the bastion
From 2022, it is possible to visit a new exhibition inside the south-eastern bastion, which is intended for lovers of military history. It focuses on a few selected war episodes that touched the history of the city of Chebu in the past .

Exposure of the casemate
At the castle, there is a new exhibition of casemates – underground passages from the time of building the city’s baroque fortress system. The local casemates are unique – they were built by Emperor Ferdinand III. in 1652 . At that time, only Prague in the entire Czech Kingdom had the status of a fortress city. As part of the construction of the fortress, the castle was rebuilt in the form of a Baroque citadel. Construction of casemates was also part of the construction modifications, which entailed the construction of a brick wall around the perimeter of the entire castle and the expansion of the castle moat. The underground sightseeing route is about 500 meters long. The circuit brings visitors closer to the Baroque fortress architecture (with a sample of the original brick vault and drainage channels), you will also walk through a network of corridors with a hall in whichexposition of the law of suffering, also mapping the history of the death penalty.

Visitors to the castle can also look forward to the exhibition called Craft workshops . Here you will be presented with contemporary crafts from the Baroque period. The exhibition is outdoor, located in the area near the eastern wall , i.e. between the castle chapel and the southeastern bastion.

Rumor from Chebské Castle
Even Chebský hrad is shrouded in legend . It was said among the people that the castle was haunted by the ghosts of murdered generals. One evening the locals were sitting in a pub under the castle and talking about ghosts. However, the master wheelwright claimed that he did not believe in ghosts and that he would go to the castle to prove that it was all a hoax. He had hardly reached the gate when it opened and a carriage accompanied by knights came out . Flames shot from the horse’s nostrils. Behind the carriage he then saw himself as a prisoner . When he returned home, he recounted his terrible experience to others and died. Then no one doubted that the castle was really haunted.


Cheb castle

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Region: Karlovy Vary Region
Region: West Bohemian Spa
City: Cheb
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Opening hours

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Family entrance fee:  250 CZK


EgroNet ticket – 50% discount


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