The exhibition “Mortality and Burial in the Terezin Ghetto” is located in the former Terezin crematorium. The Terezín Jewish Cemetery is currently being used as a place of worship. The Bohušovice basin has turned into an orchard blending into the surrounding landscape.

Overpopulation, lack of water and food , insufficient medical equipment and the impossibility of maintaining the necessary hygiene – all this led to the emergence of many epidemics . Diarrhea, tuberculosis, typhoid and skin diseases were common in Terezín . Old Germans who paid for their stay here in their homeland with the understanding that they would be able to survive here until the end of the war died most often here. They were not prepared for the local conditions and, due to their inability to work, they did not even receive sufficient food rations. A total of 35,000 people died in Terezín . The dead were buried in the Bohušovská basin . This is how the Jewish cemetery was created, where a crematorium was put into operation in September 1942. Here they were

the incinerated dead from the ghetto , the prisoners from the Small Fortress and finally the victims from the Litomerice concentration camp. The dominant feature of the Jewish cemetery, where about 9,000 deceased are buried , is the stone menorah .


Terezín monument – national cultural monument

Municipal cemetery
411 55 Terezín
Tel.:+420 416 782 225

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