Prague Professional Event Photography - Invest in Bravery David Nichols is on the stage (Photo Credit: Kemal Onur Ozman)

The conference named Invest in Bravery is rife with extraordinary stories. The event is the brainchild of David Nichols from the USA, Vadim Petrunin from Ukraine, and Ondřej Homola from the Czech Republic.

Ukrainian startups that were welcomed in Prague. It narrates the determination of Ukrainian entrepreneurs who, despite the challenges of war, continued to innovate and contribute to their country’s technological sector. The conference “Invest in Bravery” facilitated by international collaborators aimed to bring attention to these startups, connecting them with global investors. The event underscored the belief in the potential of technology startups, especially those emerging from Ukraine, as pivotal for the future. Various innovative projects were presented, ranging from applications simplifying life for adults with ADHD to platforms supporting children’s talent development.

Prague Professional Event Photography – Invest in Bravery USA Ambassador Bijan Sabet (Photo Credit: Kemal Onur Ozman,

This trio of seasoned businessmen believes that Ukrainian startups deserve more attention. Therefore, they started connecting them with investors from around the globe. They have held two successful meetings in Kyiv, and this week they headed to Prague, where the local Ministry of Industry and Trade along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs lent their support.

Prague Professional Event Photography – Invest in Bravery (Photo Credit: Kemal Onur Ozman)

Kaiserstein Palace in the Lesser Town Square was bursting at the seams. Conversations in English dominated the baroque spaces, but Czech and Ukrainian were also heard.

“We believe that technology startups are the future, especially in the case of Ukraine,” says one of the event organizers, Ondřej Homola, who is also a partner in the Czech VC fund N1.”…



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