Do you want to get to know all the sights of Cologne thoroughly, in peace and at a discounted price? Then a joint ticket to nine Cologne buildings, prepared for locals and visitors by the city of Cologne and the Regional Museum in Cologne, is ideal for you.

The ticket is sold in variants of basic, reduced and family admission valid for one month from the date of purchase and will be available at the Municipal Information Center, at the box office of the Regional Museum in the Veigertovské dům, and also at the box office of Bartolomejské núvrší and the Vodárna lookout tower.

The ticket includes all objects of the Bartholomew Hill and the Regional Museum in Kolín, the synagogue and the Vodárna and Práchovna lookout towers, which will again be open regularly on Saturdays and Sundays until 18 September 2022.


The city of Cologne

Karlovo náměstí 78
280 12 Kolín

  • Tel.:+420 725 438 435
  • GPS:50.026997 15.201673
  • Region:Central Bohemian Region
    Region:Kutnohorsk and Kolínsk


Price: 350 CZK
Reduced price: 200 CZK
Family entrance fee: 950 CZK

Note: Includes entry to all facilities. Family admission 2 adults + max. 3 children.


1.5 hours


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