The dominant feature of the entire Pilsen area is the ruins of Radyně Castle. Today at Radyna, the main attraction is the fairy-tale exposition in the Castle tower with mysterious creatures from the legends about the castle.

The Royal Castle of Radyně was built in the 14th century, during the reign of the Czech king and emperor of the Roman Empire Charles IV. However, all fables and rumors about the castle originate from the legendary founder Radous, who appropriated the foundation of the castle at the expense of Charles IV. The original name Karlskröne did not catch on in the Czech environment, so after the death of Charles IV, the castle was called Radyní after the name of the hill and rock on which the castle was built.

The castle burned down under the last of the local burgraves, namely Hetman Racko , who, like his predecessors, monitored and ensured the safety of the trade route from Nuremberg via Řezno to Prague .and exercised the administration of the royal property in the vicinity and jurisdiction over the direct subjects of the sovereign. It was written then in the middle of the 16th century.

Since then, the castle slowly fell into disrepair and began to be inhabited by ghosts. And it is the ghosts that are luring to Radyna today as part of the exhibition about the fairy-tale creatures of the castle . According to legends, Radyni was founded by the Eared Radoush – a hideous creature with donkey ears and boar teeth.

Today, the owner of Radyna is the city of Starý Plzenec . The castle is open to the public in season. From the top of the tower there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area and monuments such as Přimda Castle , Kozel Castle , Starý Plzenec with the rotunda of St. Peter and Paul .


  • K-Centrum, city library and Old Pilsen Gallery
    Smetanova 932
    332 02 Starý Plzenec
  • Tel.: +420 377 183 662
  • Tel.: +420 377 183 659

GPS: 49,680800 13,465100

Region: Pilsen Region
Region: Pilsen and surroundings
City: Old Pilsen
Tips for a trip: Old Pilsen and surroundings

Opening hours

April – May
1.4. – 31.5.
Monday Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday Friday CLOSED
Saturday Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

June – August
1.6. – 31.8.
Tuesday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

September – October
1.9. – 31.10.
Monday – Friday CLOSED
Saturday Sunday 10:00 – 17:00
It is open on public holidays.


  • Price:  40 CZK
  • Reduced price:  30 CZK

Guided tours for groups of 10 or more to order:

full: 80 CZK, reduced: 50 CZK. (Please check the webpage to new prices)


1-3 hours


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