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Travel with family is awesome but sometimes hard to find some good ideas and location to spend time with. Here you can find best of Prague ideas for family trip!

Best Easter markets in Europe 2023

2023 Easter is a time of celebration and renewal in many parts of Europe, and there are many markets and festivals held throughout the...

Best Winter Activities in Prague

Prague is a beautiful city to visit during the winter months! The city is known for its picturesque streets, which are even more charming...

Hire a Professional Photographer in Prague

If you are looking for professional personal Photographer in Prague and a tour check that prague personal photogrpahy tours & experiences!

Which is worth visiting more Prague or Bratislava?

Both Prague and Bratislava are worth visiting and have their own unique charm. It ultimately depends on your personal interests and the specific things...

The Best 5 Romantic Cinemas in Prague

Prague is a city with a vibrant film scene and there are many cinemas where you can enjoy a wide variety of movies. Here...

Letni Letna 2022

International festival of new circus and theater The Letní Letná festival concentrates the best of domestic and foreign new circus, theater and music in less...

13 tips where you can bathe with your dog around Prague

Are you wondering where to go swimming with your four-legged pet? Finding a suitable place where dogs are allowed is not always easy. That's why...

Chuchle Arena * Prague Horse Riding

PRAGUE GRAND PRIX – CZECH JUMPING CUP Date: Thu-Sun, 10-13 June Entry: Free VIP (Sat, Sun): buy HERE How to get here? Dogs allowed, only on...

Kafka Museum

The Franz Kafka Museum opened in the summer of 2005 in the remarkable Herget Brickworks building on the Lesser-Town bank of the Vltava River. Franz...

Prague Family tour with Children

City tour can be exhausting at the best times for children. A packed of sighseeing programs is not always kid/children friendly. Prague, hovewer is...


Discovering the Hidden Gems: A Tour of Hasištejn Castle – a...

Hasištejn Castle: A Fascinating Piece of History Hasištejn Castle, located in the Czech Republic, is a stunning example of medieval architecture and a must-see for...
Monastery Garden Prague

Monastery Garden Prague

Miss Sophie's New Town

Miss Sophie’s New Town

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