Letni Letna Photos by: Kemal Onur Ozman

International festival of new circus and theater
The Letní Letná festival concentrates the best of domestic and foreign new circus, theater and music in less than three weeks. This is the only exhibition of its kind and scope in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries.

In addition to evening performances, visitors can also expect a rich theater program for children as well as an accompanying program, which is prepared for them for the most part free of charge and fills the whole day. From workshops to art and circus workshops to concerts and open-air events. Two types of suburban camps are also prepared for children. And especially guarding during the performance.

The festival area, which has been located in Letenské sady since its inception, one of the largest green parks in the center of Prague, has several relaxation zones, refreshment stands and bars. Visitors can comfortably spend the whole day in it. Of course, the space is also adapted for the handicapped.


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