City tour can be exhausting at the best times for children. A packed of sighseeing programs is not always kid/children friendly. Prague, hovewer is relatively child-friendly city! Three Island in Vltava river offer some welcome respite from a trek around the city’s high-lights.

Shooter’s Island – Playground area and lovely swans

The island is used to bee traning and shooting place but novedays it’s fun in anytime. Playground area, Coffee cocovan’s best coffee and design garden, swans around the island is lovely and good place to spend around 1-3 hours with kids. Playgrounds are also good in the summer time swith shading from the chesnut trees.

Vltava river boat tour – Certovka river

Around Vltava river boat tours are also giving you chance to travel back in time.

Child Friendly Museums & Stores in Prague

National Technical Museum

Exiting tour through into the technology. Vintage cars, Planes, Trains, Flying conception Zeplines etc. It’s one of the best place with the kids!

LEGO Store & Museum

Lots of beautiful logos! Worth to see it!

Hamleys Toy Store

WOW. Thats for sure one the best toy store in Prague. Lots of atraction also inside you can join freely!

Observation Tower & Mirror Maze in Petrin!

A favourite spot for children and adults alike. From the outside, this building resembles a small castle, but inside, instead of a labyrinth with mysterious stone hallways, you’ll find one made of mirrors. First you’ll make your way through the maze to the diorama of the battle of the Praguers against the Swedes at the Charles Bridge in 1648 and then through the “hall of laughter” where warped and twisted mirrors will change your appearance in crazy ways.

Children’s Island (Dětský ostrov)

You can reach the island by bridge. That is arched so that larger steamboats can pass beneath it from the adjacent lock chamber.

At the northern tip of the island is a bronze allegorical statue of the Vltava River on a plinth decorated with reliefs depicting four girls representing its tributaries.

The island offers sports facilities for all ages, including a children’s playground.

Children’s Island (Dětský ostrov) – Opening hours

  • October – April
  • Whole week
  • 08.00 – 17.00
  • May – September
  • Whole week
  • 08.00 – 20.30




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