Tax Back Shopping In Prague & around Czech Republic

The tax-free system in the Czech Republic allows foreign tourists to claim a refund on the value-added tax (VAT) they pay on goods purchased in the country. Here’s how you can use the tax-free system in the Czech Republic:

Non-EU tourists are eligible for tax free shopping in Prague. Look out for “Tax Free Shopping” signs in selected shops and save up to 21% of the purchase price.

How to us TAX FREE form and discounts in Prague Czech Republic

Look for stores that participate in the tax-free system. These stores will have a sign that says “Tax Free” or “Global Blue” displayed in the window.

When you make a purchase at one of these stores, ask the salesperson for a tax-free form. Fill out the form and have the salesperson sign and stamp it.

Keep the tax-free form and the receipt for the purchase. You’ll need these to claim your refund.

When you leave the country, go to the airport or border crossing and present your tax-free form and receipts to a customs officer. The officer will stamp the form to confirm that you have left the country.

Take the stamped tax-free form to a refund office, either at the airport or in the city. You’ll need to present your passport and the form, as well as the goods you purchased. The refund office will calculate the amount of the VAT refund and pay it to you in cash or by credit card.

Note that there are minimum purchase requirements and other restrictions that apply to the tax-free system in the Czech Republic. For example, you must spend at least CZK 2,000 (about EUR 80) in a single store to be eligible for a tax-free refund, and you must export the goods you purchased within 90 days of purchase. You can find more information about the tax-free system in the Czech Republic on the Global Blue website or by contacting the Czech Tourist Authority.

Tax Free Shopping in Prague for Foreigners (USA, China, Taiwan, South Korea and other non-european countries

There are plenty of quality products  you can find in the shops in Prague. Most international brands are represented, along with a fine selection of Czech brands.

Tourists from outside the EU can save up to 21% Value Added Tax (VAT) on purchases. Not all shops offer the tax free facility, so look out for a “Tax Free” sign in the shop window, or you can ask them if they have it or not.

What is the limit for Tax Free in Czech Republic

Your total purchases in one day in one store must exceed 2001CZK(around 80€) .


You need to pay for the goods first, then claim the tax back when you leave the country:

Tax Free Shopping in Prague Guide

  1.  When paying for goods at the check-out in a shop, ask the assistant for a Tax Free shopping voucher.
  2. Tax Free Shopping in Prague – Present the voucher to a Czech customs official within 30 days of the date of purchase to get a stamp. You can do this at Prague Airport when you leave. The office is located BEFORE passport control.
  3. Hand the voucher in AFTER passport control to one of the Duty Free Shops. They will then refund your VAT, minus their commission into your bank account.


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