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Franciscan Garden

This unique natural atmosphere in the city center of Prague. It's  furnished with a number of benches, over which span metal arches laden with...

Letna Park

Letná Park (in Czech Letenské sady) is a large park on Letná hill, built on a plateau above steep embankments along the Vltava River...

Vrtba Garden – Baroque Style (Private Garden)

Vrtba Garden or Vrtbovska Garden (Vrtbovka zahrada) is one of the most beautiful and significant Baroque gardens in the central Europe. Still, it might...

Kunratice Brook Valley – Mouflon’s Park

The district of Prague - Kunratice covers an area of ​​809.92 ha at an altitude of 220 to 310 m. There are units such...

Divoká Šárka Park

History of Divoka Sarka Park Around the 6th century the Slavs came to this area. In the 7th to 9th centuries was above the Džbán...

Deer Park – Veltrusy Chateau

Romantic landscapes, deers around forest, lazy flow of the Vltava river, wild floodplain forests, picturesque centuries-old trees in hidden meadows, golden fields of grain...

Orthodox Church on Petrin Hill

Carpathian Ruthenian Church of the Saint Michael Archangel This small wooden orthodox church was physically relocated to Prague in 1929, to celebrate the occasion of...

Havlíčkovy Sady (Prague’s Park)- Grébovka

Havlickoy Park, inspired by the Italian Renaissance, it has fountains and water cascades, lakes, pavilions, statues and a charming grotto, as well as a unique view...

Which trees and fruit bushes grow in Prague

The best type of trees to grow in Prague will depend on the specific location and conditions in your garden or yard. Some factors...


For Wedding Photography Best Places in Prague

Coming to Prague with your loved one? Make your trip a bit more romantic with our little tips :) Here is photos for the...

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