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Which trees and fruit bushes grow in Prague

The best type of trees to grow in Prague will depend on the specific location and conditions in your garden or yard. Some factors...

Prague LGBT+ Friendly Places, Tours & Events

Prague is a city with a vibrant and diverse LGBT+ community, and there are many places in the city that are welcoming and friendly...

Tax Free Shopping in Prague

Tax Back Shopping In Prague & around Czech Republic The tax-free system in the Czech Republic allows foreign tourists to claim a refund on the...

March – Sunrise & Sunset Times in Prague

In March 2022 when is the Sunrise and Sunset time in Prague. Which it can allow you to skip crowd at the historical locations...

Is Prague safe at the War time in Ukraine ?

We are having quite often the question "is Prague safe from the war in Ukraine? " Definitely Czech Republic even doesn't have a border with...

Prague Easter Markets Are openning – 02/24 April 2022

Prague Easter Markets 2022 - will be open 02-24 April Finally after 2 years Easter Markets will be open! The Prague Easter Markets are open daily...

29th of October National Day Reception in Hotel President

Czech Foreign Minister H.E. Jakub Kulhanek, former President H.E. Vaclac Klaus, Former E.U. Commissioner Mr. Stefan Fule as well as many ambassadors, Parlimentarians and...

Prague City & Suburban Transport (Tram/Train/Bus/Ferry) Prices

Prague City Transport Prices Short Term 30min: 24 CZK (0.9€) 90min: 32 czk (1.2€) 24 hours: 320 (12€)  CZK   Prague City Transport Prices Long Term ...

Coronavirus Prague New RULES!

Since midnight of March 15th (Sunday) new restrictions on the movement of persons throughout the Czech Republic have been applied People should only go out...

State of Emergency Related To Coronavirus in Prague and Other Cities

Czech Government Declares State of Emergency all around the country Related To Coronavirus. Beginning at midnight tonight, a security force will be dispatched to the...


The cheapest way to get into Prague Airport to the town

The cheapest way to get into town is onlocal bus #119 (daily 5am–midnight; every 15–20min; journey time 25min), which stops frequently and also ends...

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